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Momo [Muscle]

The Legend Program

The Legend Program

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The Legend is designed to help you unlock previously unattainable gains and bust through progress plateaus. This program is ideal for experienced lifters wanting to build muscle mass for a jaw dropping physique.

Dense bulletproof muscles
Full body strength gains
Impressive size and power
Thick, turtle shell 6-pack
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You’ve put in the work, killed two-a-days for a while now, downed more protein shakes than you care to recall, and built a body that anyone would be proud of. Hell yeah! But then, all the sudden it happens--the dreaded *dun dun dunnnn* plateau.

Sure, you’re ripped, but could you be ripped-er? For sure, always. You’ve never been one to settle, so why now? It’s time for an overhaul. Shake things up a little. Not the protein shakes though, those are dope, we’re keeping that.

Let’s talk SCIENCE. To unleash your maximum muscle-making potential, you have to harness those beast mode hormones. Go full throttle on strength, minimize fat storers, and get every nutrient working towards increasing power and size.

The result? Fewer reps, more RIPS. You’ve got the muscle, but let’s level up to a bulletproof body. We’re talking thick, dense, stacked from head to toe, pure POWER. You know, the stuff that Legends are made of. See what I did there?

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Breaking through new barriers comes down to one thing--working from the inside, out. You can lift every day or eight times a day if you want, but ignoring your metabolism, hormone levels, gut health, and genetics is going to hold you back. Trust.

The goal is to work SMARTER not just harder. Leave the gym, take that bangin’ body outside, see the people, pet puppies, because this total 360° fitness strategy has you covered.

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The Legend is a science-based program built on a straightforward, easy to follow, plan of attack. In 6-weeks you’ll see your new, jaw-dropping physique coming in strong. It starts with:

  • Mastering key lifts to add size
  • Improving gut health to feed muscles
  • Dialing in macros to build full body strength & maintain low body fat
  • Carb-cycling and nutrient timing for max fat loss
  • Delicious, effortless meal plans
  • Personal tips and tricks for every exercise
  • Video guidance to ensure perfect form
  • A complete training program for adding pounds of muscle & incredible strength

The Legend: What To Expect

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Stacked Strength

The Legend is designed to build a stacked physique with specific emphasis on strength and power. Rock hard shoulders, lats, and biceps will fill out into a wide back, giving you an epic V-taper. Consider that body, BUILT.

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Turtle Shell Abs

Thick. Six. Pack. The Legend builds full body density, adding pounds of muscle everywhere. Abs, now brought to you in glorious 3D.

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Impressive Size and Power

The Legend is a boost to the system, especially for those who’ve had trouble building muscle mass. A combination of muscle activation techniques and optimal nutrient absorption will max out density and size.

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Poppin’ Vascularity

The Legend blends hypertrophy work with strength training for visible veins that say hey, I do lift, BRO.

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Plateau Busting

Push to new levels by overloading strength and power training. The Legend is designed with less repetition and more resistance to unlock previously unattainable gains. Challenge ACCEPTED.

The Split

Day 1


Day 2

Upper Pull

Day 3

Upper Push

Day 4

Full Body

The Legends

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