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I’m Morgan Olson

Trainer, nutrition nerd, and a bit socially awkward. Currently living for: ice cream of all flavors, v-lines, and MoMoMuscle Waffle Sundays. Yes, I realize two out of three of those are food--come for me.

I haven’t always been
like this. In fact, the muscles, body confidence, and embracing my inner weirdo took years.

At the beginning, my body had the strength of a pool noodle. I was caught in a cycle of trying to burn as many calories as possible. Vegan, paleo, calorie counting, keto--I churned through diets and spent 2-6 hours a day in the gym. Yea, A DAY. Woof.

Flash forward to a decade later. Coming out, accepting my own brand of masculine femininity, and discovering the science behind training female and AFAB bodies, I am finally a version of myself that I love. Turns out, she’s 150lbs of muscle with a fresh fade and a reasonably healthy obsession with salads--livin’ the MoMo dream, baby!

Who would have guessed the nerd in me was the secret to getting ripped? Biomechanics, nutrition, and exercise efficiency - that nerd shit.

What I Know Now

After 11 years of learning about our complex and highly intelligent bodies, I can tell you that hormones, metabolism, gut health, and genetics all impact progress, on top of the reps and sets.

I’m here to save you from the ‘we need to burn calories and exclusively eat almonds’ rabbit-hole. That’s why I’ve spent two years perfecting my Body Type Programs. I want to rev up the confidence and transform that physique so you feel more like YOU. This is Operation V-lines, honey.

Weirdo from the start. We’re talking yo-yos, lots of reading, and a bit socially awkward. It issss what it issss.

Is life. I eat like a regular human. Which means salads and waffles. And ice cream. And smoothies. And the occasional burger. Someone stop me.

Effort in = effort out. Entrepreneurs don’t live laugh love, we get shit done. Put that on your wall, Karen.

Blacked out head to toe. Bobbie comes by it as a minimalist, I come by it as a maximalist. Max cool. *joke has flopped*

We’re talking cold brew, macadamia nut style. Or a quad shot latte with oat milk. There is no chill when it comes to the love for coffee.

Sand stuck in my swim trunks and a place where falling coconuts are the highest cause of death.

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"Because the [muscle] building
waffles change the game. Trust."


We all want to incinerate fat - but everyone and their mom tells us it comes from a caloric deficit. However, the truth is, fat loss is more than a calorie issue.