This Just In: Our Muscle Anniversary

This Just In: Our Muscle Anniversary

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My [babes] + [bros], I’m in the feels. We’ve hit our four year muscle-versary [that word didn’t work, but we hoped it would.]

Four years of science, pumps + bloopers where I can’t help but stutter…it’s either my excitement or the oat milk cortado. 

The amount of Babe Berry Smoothies consumed in the last 4 years could probably fill up the Nile River. You know me, protein, gut health + quality mechanics has created our results. 

When I see you eating the MoMoMuscle Pancakes [yes, I see all those chocolate chips in there], hitting a Fighter workout, and supporting the community on each challenge *needs to sit down* I couldn’t be happier. 

MomoMuscle Pancakes

MoMo[Muscle] + its integrated community has truly redefined the boundaries of traditional workouts, by combining the power of community, cutting-edge exercise science + a passion for holistic well-being to create an unparalleled experience.”

Buster [he just wants a treat]

Next stop…clothing. Yes, because looking fit is fun, but dressing cool is even more fun…[notice how I didn’t say funner].

We launched Scared But Alive. Clothing made to fit better so that you can rep – you. 

Scared But Alive Collection Sweatshirt

There’s nothing more that makes me get out of bed than seeing notifications from you on our Facebook group, or the tags on your IG story of your latest workout, or you in the Scared But Alive pieces. 

Currently our community sits at an inspiring 25,000+ transformations. You read the programs, apply the knowledge, and you use the app to fuel your confidence! This company was built on a desire to help AFAB babes learn to enjoy movement and themselves.

I want to remind you that I’m here to help you anyway I can. Sometimes the DMs can be a little dicey, but feel free to email us here

Because we want to keep you informed, educated and entertained [my humor is dry but some of you love it], we are launching our MoMo Blog… no it’s not 2008, hehe. Yes, it may take 3-5 minutes to read, but the results could be a more ripped [and happier] – YOU. 


Coach Momo

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