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Becoming a Fighter

My body hasn’t always looked how it does now - I used to look more femme and even had long hair. I dreamed of transforming my AFAB body to have a more masculine physique, so I broke out of the dieting and over-exercising cycle so many of us are brainwashed into thinking is #goals.

Through educating myself and through personal trial and error, I figured out how to optimize my nutrition and exercise program to turn my dreams into results. I’m finally a version of myself that I love, and I want to share what I learned with other AFAB-bodied people so they can feel the same.

My personal fitness routine is basically what The Fighter is based off of - I even share my daily workouts in the app.


I bought the fighter program about 8 weeks ago and it’s made a huge difference, not just with my appearance but how much I enjoy lifting and the journey. I put all my friends on and it’s an amazing program, just wanted to reach out and say thank you!


I didn’t know where to start till I found Momo’s program! I really don’t recognize how far I’ve come till I look back so THANK YOU FOR THAT.


BRUH. I CANNOT thank you enough for making this possible for me. I was so lost in the gym until I started using your programs/videos/diet. If this is what 6 weeks can do I'm really pumped to see what's in the upcoming.

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the FIGHTER Program

The Fighter is designed to help you feel strong and look strong. This program is ideal for those wanting to build hyper-defined muscles for confidence and strength. So ... what can you expect?

  • +Rock-hard upper body
  • +Poppin’ veins & biceps
  • +V-lines & defined 6-pack
  • +Lean muscle & athleticism
Fighter Cover Become a Fighter


Ash L. they/he | Age: 40

WHAT I SEE: At age 40, I saw this progress in 5 weeks with MoMo’s Fighter Program. Fat loss, muscle gain, broadening of back, and increased vascularity. Better posture and confidence. One pant size down, one shirt size up - aww yeah!

HOW I FEEL: Powerful, sexy, strong. Energetic AF, despite severely cutting back on caffeine. Most importantly - PROUD of myself for my commitment and consistency and GRATEFUL for this gorgeous and kind group of Muscle[Babes & Bros] who inspired me, educated me, and helped me push through each day - THANK YOU!

Nutrition: The Fighter Program Training: The Fighter + 21 Days Abs on App



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Gym / week
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App vs Body Type Programs


  • 100+ tutorial videos
  • Complete training plans
  • New workouts daily
  • Access to Coach MoMo
  • Subscription-based

Body Type Programs

  • 170+ pages of knowledge & tips
  • Detailed 6-week program
  • Nutrition breakdown
  • Meal plans & shopping lists
  • One-time fee for lifetime access



See what you can accomplish with workouts & nutrition plans designed for you – plus, have thousands of babes & bros by your side along the way.