The Stronger at Home program is a great place to start. It focuses on bodyweight exercises that can be completed at home, without any equipment. It is a great add on to the Body Type Programs as those have the meal plans, recipes, supplements, and movement pattern videos dialed in. With the Stronger at Home, you’ll improve mobility for better positioning, build foundational strength and focus on tempo training, priming you to go full-throttle with the complete Body Type Program of your choice.

Luckily you’ll dive back in fairly easily, thanks to good old muscle memory. My goal is to take your training to the next level by increasing the efficiency of each exercise. Instructional videos refine and optimize your movement patterns, shifting the focus from quantity of reps, toqualityreps. You’ll see more gains and spend less time at the gym.

Eat protein, lift weights, rinse & repeat baby! It’s that simple. We carve v-lines by building muscle, including but not limited to the obliques, rectus abdominis, and the transverse abdominis. Don’t worry about Googling those, my body type programs have it ALL dialed in for you.

Okay, I see you bikini booty babe. The Surfer is just what you need. This program focuses on loading your hips rather than your knees, to build the glutes, not the quads. We’re talkin’ tight abs and a bubble butt, without getting thicker than a Snicker.

You’ll not only see results in a few weeks, you’ll feel them. You'll notice increased brain clarity, a better mood, and more energy within literally days. Laser cut definition, on the other hand, will emerge with consistency. In one week you'll feel a difference, in four weeks others will notice a difference, and in six weeks you’ll SEE the difference.

Welp, this can happen. First, seeing a licensed professional can help with specific treatment. As far as us, we need to prioritize mobility and increase the stability of that joint before we load it. So my programs help mitigate injuries by using key exercises to increase hip, ankle, and shoulder stability. I’ve dealt with them before and try to build your body not just stronger, but more stable.

Well, we’ll likely want to focus on a body recomposition by putting your body on maintenance calories. In addition, add training 4-5 days a week and do this...well, for years. This stabilizes the metabolism and creates a sustainable approach. Instead of cutting calories and overdoing cardio, in which the weight bounces right back once you stop. The Body Type Programs dial in your calories for the perfect body recomposition to last longer than the season premiere of the Bachelor.

All of the programs are digital eBooks that are delivered immediately after purchase in your email. They are interactive PDFs that include hyperlinks to supplements and movement pattern videos.

It happens, no shame in that gain. Like anyone new to fitness, you should start with building foundational strength to keep your body happy while you shred fat. Choose a Body Type Program of your choice to kickstart the fat burning with optimal nutrition and add on The Stronger at Home program to get you started with bodyweight exercises and proper form for maximum results.

Definitely The Fighter or The Surfer depending on your goal body type. Both offer the perfect blend of hypertrophy, strength, and conditioning. It all comes down to where you want to get ripped and lean out. Peep the program details to see which is a fit for you.

The programs are interactive E-books that dial in your nutrition as well as a specific 6-week training program tailored to your goal body type. This includes movement pattern videos, fat burning recipes, muscle building hacks, pro tips for every exercise, supplement recommendations, and meal plans. Basically a crystal clear blueprint for happiness and success.

It comes down to one thing--science. Each of my body type programs are built on the science of how our bodies are shaped by our behavior. I focus on quality of movements, gut health, and hormone levels, to create a sustainable shift in behavior that promotes muscle development and keeps fat at bay. Science, babyyyy! *giggles in nerd*

So it depends on your experience level. The Fighter is a great program to do 85% of the time. The Legend is a bit heavier and great if you have more than 2 years of lifting experience. I personally mix in The Legend training 1-2xs a year for more power and then cycle back to The Fighter for more hypertrophy and conditioning. So if you're new to training seriously or need more conditioning and to get leaner, get on The Fighter. If you're familiar with the main lifts and have proper form - The Legend is a great option.

I get it. We don’t always have budgets that match our ambitions. What I will say is this: confidence is truly priceless and leads to compounding success outside of the gym. Investing in yourself is always worth it.

Turns out, zero Bowflexes. Body Type Programs are designed for the gym, but they can be done with alternative exercises at home. You can substitute all barbell work for dumbbells, and all cable work for resistance bands. Refer to the aesthetic cheat sheet in each program, or Google, for synonymous movements. If you don’t have equipment of any kind, I recommend adding on the The Stronger at Home, which relies on bodyweight training only.

Though The Stronger at Home is an incredible foundational training program, it does not include nutrition, meal plans, recipes, supplements and movement pattern videos. For that reason, you will build strength but will not see maximum results. I always recommend layering Stronger at Home with the Body Type Program of your choice or beginning with Stronger at Home and building up to a Body Type Program.

Nah, girl nah. It’s 2020 - you can model at any size you want. I designed the meal plans to be customizable according to your goal, so dial that in according to what suits you. The focus of The Model training is improved posture, core training, and conditioning which will benefit 99.97% of individuals around the world.

The Fighter is my personal favorite program with it’s blend of hypertrophy, boxing and strength training. I use this for about 90% of my training. The other 10% is The Legend. It’s for those with experience, preferably about 3+ years. This is a program to use to get stronger at your compound lifts. It is more powerlifting based with heavier weights and lower rep ranges and should be used to break through lifting plateaus.

Honestly, it’s the most satiating diet my clients, or I, have ever been on. The focus is on protein, fats, vegetables, and quality carbs to fuel metabolism, not restrict it. If you’re looking for an aggressive weight loss similar to Biggest Loser where they gain all of the weight back, this diet isn’t it. Our goal is to mold a sustainable, long-term approach that promotes muscle development and keeps fat off.

Hell yes. Gimme that quinoa and broccoli. No but for real, I breakdown the science of optimizing muscle gain and that means talking about the amino acid profile in protein. So I give you plant-based meal plans, grocery lists, necessary supplements, recipes, and the pros and cons of plan based proteins to do that. However, if you’re looking for a vegan cookbook, this isn’t going to be it.

So glad you asked. Train alongside me with a library of videos for every exercise included in your training program. You’ll also have access to pro-tip videos where I dive into topics like gym etiquette, body confidence, gut health, and optimal nutrient timing. You can even direct message me through the MomoMuscle App with questions as you train. PocketCoach. GymBuddy. Mo MoMo. Still workshopping the name.

Would you have waffles without syrup? A butt without deadlifts? The Bachelor without wine? The answer is, no way! You can’t have one without the other. The Body Type Programs are loaded with detailed plans and approaches, but the MomoMuscle App compliments the programs with visual guidance and videos. Investing in both is the most comprehensive, 360° approach to fitness.