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Hey, babes!


A lot of you reach out to ask about Morgan’s Body Type Programs and her App -


“What’s the difference?”

“Why are the workouts not exactly the same?”

“Should I get both?”


Well, today’s your lucky day because we got Coach MoMo to answer some of your biggest questions so you can get back into the gym, train smarter, and get those gains!


You look ripped, and I want that - how did you get your bod looking how it does now?


My body hasn’t always looked how it does now - I used to look more femme and even had long hair. 🤯 I dreamed of transforming my AFAB body to have a more masculine physique, so I broke out of the dieting and over-exercising cycle so many of us are brainwashed into thinking is #goals.


Through educating myself and through personal trial and error, I figured out how to optimize my nutrition and exercise program to turn my dreams into results. I’m finally a version of myself that I love, and I want to share what I learned with other AFAB-bodied people so they can feel the same.


My personal fitness routine is basically what The Fighter is based off of - I even share my daily workouts in the app.



What’s your MoMo[Muscle] training philosophy?


After 11 years of learning about our complex and highly intelligent bodies, I can tell you that hormones, metabolism, gut health, and genetics all impact progress, on top of the reps and sets.


My training philosophy emphasizes biomechanics and knowing how to train efficiently to get the most out of your lifting sessions. My app gives you all the deets you need to really nail down the optimal workout routine.


My nutrition coaching style is all about NOT starving your body and about giving your body the fuel it needs to succeed.  If you want to shed fat, working within a sustainable calorie range is critical to long-term success and maintaining results.  If you want to build muscle, I’ll teach you all you need to know to make that happen, too. 


That’s why I spent years perfecting my Body Type Programs - to give a clear blueprint of how to transform your physique so you can feel more like YOU. I take out all the painful guesswork that I had to go through.




What’s Up With the App vs the Body Type Programs?


MyApp will give you all the info you need to be a boss in the gym - workouts based on the Body Type Programs that come with clear visuals for each exercise, additional content to work with like “Arms & Abs”, and a very straightforward format so you can master your form and be confident in what you’re doing.


You can think of the app as a set of expansion/starter packs for the Body Type Program eBooks’ 6-week plans. Best of all, it’s subscription-based (month-to-month), and there are at-home versions of The Fighter and The Surfer to top it off.


My Body Type Program eBooksgive you extremely thorough information to help you understand *your* body - you aren’t just doing what someone tells you to do, with the eBooks, you’ll understand why it works for AFAB bodies specifically. The eBooks break down nutrition (meal plans, macros, sciency-stuff about hormones, etc.) and movement science (6-week program, aesthetic exercise swap cheat sheets).


The Body Type Programs are a one-time fee and you get that information forever.  Both products come with access to a private Facebook group, too.




Should I try both the app and the program(s)?


A lot of members of the MoMo[Muscle] community find they get the most value and best results out of combining the over 170 pages of knowledge, details, and tips from the Body Type Programs with the app’s clear cues and directions for working out.


Optimizing both your nutrition and lifestyle habits with the eBooks, alongside your fitness routine with the app, will get you the greatest results - and you’ll get them sustainably. With the app, you’ll also get a faster response time on any questions you might have about a workout (or anything else).


OK - I’m ready to get hella fit, but I’m not sure where to start...


Hell yea, you are! Take my Body Type Quiz so you can see exactly what program(s) would best fit with your goals and current fitness level.


Then, pick the best option for you. Obviously, I’m a big fan of the combo... 😉 And for good reason - they really do work best together. I want you to train smarter, not harder, and to get effective, on-demand coaching that’s accessible from anywhere.


Can’t wait to train with you and see all your gym selfies!



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