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Momo [Muscle]

The Fighter Program

The Fighter Program

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The Fighter is designed to help you feel strong and look strong. This program is ideal for those wanting to build hyper-defined muscles for confidence and strength. A MoMo favorite!

Rock hard upper body
Poppin’ veins & biceps
V-lines & defined 6-pack
Lean muscle & athleticism
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Let me guess, once upon a time you started working out. You ran, hit the gym, ate chicken and broccoli, but the only thing you really gained was a strong dislike for quinoa.

It’s easy to give up when you aren’t seeing your best body come through. The good news? It’s not your fault. Blame science! And quinoa for that matter. Yea quinoa, I’m coming for you.

Sculpting yourself into the Herculean babe that you (and I) know that you are, comes down to one thing--working from the inside, out. Grunting through gym sessions while ignoring metabolism, hormone levels, gut health, and genetics won’t get you there.

That said, if motivational grunts get you through the last set, I’m here for it. However, those sculpted shoulders and clean lines only come from a total 360° fitness strategy.

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Seriously though, hormones shape our bodies, inside and out. To crack the code to muscle development, you have to harness those hormones babyyyyy! Rev up the muscle builders, throttle down the fat storers, and get your metabolism humming at the perfect frequency.

The result? No hours on the treadmill, no counting almonds, and no bulk. Just a lean, defined, strong AF silhouette. We’re talking veins poppin’, 6-pack glistening in the sun, water streaming off your v-lines by the pool, RIPPED. Not to mention, the positive relationship you’ve always wanted with your body.

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The Fighter is just that. A science-based program built on a straightforward, easy to follow, plan of attack. In 6-weeks you’ll see those biceps, triceps, all the ‘ceps, pumping like never before. It starts with:

  • Kickstarting fat burning hormones
  • Improving gut health to burn fat fast
  • Dialing in calories and macros to reveal hard muscle definition
  • Carb-cycling and nutrient timing for max fat loss
  • Delicious, effortless meal plans
  • Personal tips and tricks for every exercise
  • Video guidance to ensure perfect form
  • A complete training program for hyper defined muscle development

The Fighter: What To Expect

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Visible Strength

Feel strong and LOOK strong. The Fighter is designed to build a stacked physique rooted in strength and power. Rock hard shoulders, lats, and biceps will crank up that confidence.

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Perfect Upper Body Ratio

The Fighter widens the shoulders and tightens up your waist. Rotational exercises, lateral shoulder development, and conditioning will lead to a classic V-taper. Consider that body, BUILT.

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Confidence and Posture

The Fighter split has you pull more than you push, giving you a bold posture that exudes strength. About 99.9732% of what we do, *ahem computers* is forward posture. We’re fixing that. Game. Changer.

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Poppin’ Vascularity

The Fighter blends hypertrophy work with strength training for tight, visible veins that say hey, I do lift, BRO.

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Efficient Progress

No exercise is wasted in The Fighter Program. Simply train four days a week, with a focus on form, muscle activation, and intentional effort. Boom. Ripped results right away. Again, trust.

The Split

Day 1


Day 2

Upper Pull

Day 3

Upper Push

Day 4

Full Body

Fighter Hall of Fame

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