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Perfect Form

Perfect Form

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Forget workouts without results. Forget squats hurting your knees. Forget gym anxiety keeping you in the corner... Welcome to Perfect Form. Where you'll learn + apply every movement mechanic to supercharge your workouts. Queue that favorite workout playlist + let’s get the results you deserve.

Stable, strong joints for effortless gains
Fat loss in less time
Perfect form to build muscle
Less reps, more results
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Whether you’ve been going to the gym or completely new, Perfect Form will teach you advanced techniques to see a bigger pump, build more muscle, and burn more fat in less time.

No gimmicks. No short term promises.

Just the gym, hard work, and Perfect Form.

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What’s standing between you and your full potential?

Did you know that your rib cage is the key to building a 6-pack?

What about your elbow angle determining if you build a godly back or not?

How about, externally rotating your shoulder gets you perfect posture + hulk gains?

Yeah, technical shit that you just don’t think about.

Well I’m here to break it down in easy to understand terms. I will add, do not read if you are easily offended.

We’re using words and photos that you will never forget. The golden right triangle. Or the hip hinge to load your glutes. Or shoulder blade depression to make those hips appear smaller.

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Perfect Form makes you a pro.

  • Get the 9 movement patterns that will sculpt your body
  • Dive into 100+ exercises to perfect your form
  • Learn the Do’s + Don’ts of every movement
  • Photos of every detail of movement to see the nuance
  • Cues + descriptions to look at during your workout

With Perfect Form, you will literally be able to build the most optimal body. Because it’s not just about the exercise you do, rather how you do it.

Proper Form: What To Expect

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With Perfect Form, you release your traps and layer on the muscle where you want it. You’ll finally see a jump in results as your reps have 10xs more intention.

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Finally see that bicep and shoulder vein you’ve been wanting because you learn how to use your joints in a systematic way. Load the joints effectively = muscle growth = leaner + stronger.

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A 6-pack isn’t just from crunches. It’s learning how to brace your abs under load. You will learn how to optimise your angles to build a six pack the right way.

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Joint Health

No reps done wrong. You’ll understand the science and be able to apply it. After that, your muscle memory does all the work.

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Fat Loss

By not rushing your reps but slowly loading your muscles, your body burns more calories. Less reps, more intention.